No 18 – Wingfield Tennis court technology

Dear tennis fans,

on this #yellowfriday we report on our partnership with Wingfield – a tool for video analysis of your tennis game and an important topic for training and competition as part of our Pillar 2 | Digitalization.

Wingfield is a pioneer in tennis court technology and transforms conventional courts into smart courts. Innovative AI processes track all facets of your game and provide the most important insights in your user account. Wingfield gives you feedback on a drill on the court, opens up completely new and interactive coaching formats and evaluates matches in participating federations for your national rating.

In the video, CEO and founder Maik Burlage talks about his move from professional to amateur sport and his reasons for developing Wingfield:

Maik Burlage, CEO & Founder, Wingfield – YouTube

We are delighted about the partnership and the innovative approaches that will secure the future of tennis for us.

Stay tuned for further developments and, of course, stay on the ball!

With best regards

Christian and Nelson
and the whole team of TENNIS is us. Foundation

No 17 – Background

Dear tennis fans,

We hope you are having a great #yellowfriday, even if the weather is rather gray.

Over the past few weeks, we have introduced you to our partners – a strong community that is supported by all of you.

You can read all about it again in the blog.

In today’s video, Nelson once again explains the background to TENNIS is us in an interview with Matthias Stach:

Tennis-is-us Nelson Artz und Matthias Stach – YouTube

Stay on the ball and have a good start to the weekend!

With sporting greetings

Christian and Nelson
and the whole team of TENNIS is us. Foundation

No 16 – our partnership with Waterdrop

Dear Tennis fans,

today’s #yellowfriday is full of flavor – we are announcing our partnership with Waterdrop! With small cubes, the so-called microdrinks, Waterdrop transforms water into flavorful drinks.

Why TENNIS is us. Foundation and Waterdrop are a good match? We share the same values:

  • Promoting sustainability: Waterdrop is committed to minimizing the use of plastic.
  • Promoting tennis: Waterdrop supports tournaments and events with its supplements and sustainably produced bottles.
  • Promoting health: Waterdrop’s mission is to encourage people to drink more water – for a healthier and longer life.

Find out more from Nadja Renz:

Nadja Renz, Team Lead Supply Chain & Logistics, Waterdrop – YouTube

We look forward to working with you!

Sporting greetings

Christian and Nelson
and the whole team of TENNIS is us. Foundation

No 15 – Babolat

Dear tennis friends,

Today on our #yellowfriday it’s “Bienvenue Babolat”! We are very pleased that the French family-owned company has joined forces with us to promote the sport of tennis.

Back in 1875, Pierre Babolat founded his company and initially focused on the production of tennis strings made from natural gut. Today, Babolat is one of the most respected racket, ball and accessory brands in the world.

Check out what Antoine Sathicq, Chief Sales Officer has to say about the partnership with the TENNIS is us. Foundation says:


In this sense – here’s to good cooperation!

Sporty greetings

Christian and Nelson
and the whole team of TENNIS is us. Foundation

No 14 – Trendsport Rummenigge

Dear tennis friends,

With TRENDSPORT RUMMENIGGE we introduce you to another great partner of the TENNIS is us. Foundation. The innovative company is a provider of courts “made in Germany” and offers a holistic concept – from consulting to help with financing to the ready-to-play construction of the sports facilities.

In our pilot club in Gütersloh, TRENDSPORT RUMMENIGGE enriches our offer with padel and multi-courts.

The multifunctional court combines up to eight sports on just one court: soccer, soccer-tennis, badminton, TouchTennis, volleyball, basketball, handball or field hockey. A true all-rounder in a small space that provides variety and makes the tennis club more attractive for all age groups.

In the video, you can meet Arnd Schade, Managing Director and partner of Michael Rummenigge, who gave the club its name:

Arnd Schade, Geschäftsführer bei Trendsport Rummenigge – YouTube

We are happy about the cooperation!

Sporty greetings

Christian and Nelson
and the whole team of TENNIS is us. Foundation

No 13 – Street Racket

Dear tennis friends,

there is good news on this #yellowfriday as well: We’re announcing our partnership with STREET RACKET – a multi-award winning movement concept from Switzerland that instantly transforms any surface into a tennis and sports court. For TENNIS is us. Foundation, STREET RACKET is a perfect partner to facilitate people’s access to tennis while also overcoming social barriers.

The most important aspects of the sensational concept for us are:

Tennis for all
STREET RACKET makes tennis accessible to everyone – at almost any location, for any age group and any background

Social responsibility
We are united by the conviction that sport plays a significant role in promoting community and social responsibility. We are committed to social projects and programs to bring about positive change in our communities.

Competitions and events
STREET RACKET enhances any event – whether at schools, in the city, or as part of tournaments or tennis camps at your club. STREET RACKET is ready to use and enhances every event in a playful way.

In the video, inventor and founder Marcel Straub explains his heart project and the collaboration with TENNIS is us. Foundation:

We are looking forward to working with you!

Sporty greetings

Christian and Nelson
and the whole team of TENNIS is us. Foundation

No 12 – Our pilot project

Dear tennis friends.

Welcome to #yellowfriday! Today we would like to give you further insights into the tennis club of the future.

Our pilot project – the GTV in Gütersloh – has undergone some changes and innovations. As a result, the club has succeeded in taking the world of tennis to a new level and providing members and guests with new playing experiences. Three important aspects were involved:

  1. Modern tennis courts
    Our tennis courts are now equipped with the latest technology. From smart courts to LED lighting, they not only provide an immersive playing experience, but also allow players to monitor and improve their performance.
  2. Online reservations
    Part of the digitalization is our user-friendly online court reservation system, which allows for entirely convenient scheduling of play times.
  3. Environmental friendliness
    The tennis club of the future is not only responsible for players, but also for the environment. On and off the court, we rely on sustainable approaches and environmentally friendly materials to minimize our ecological footprint.

Find out what else plays a role in building the tennis club of the future in the video below. This is a recording of the hybrid congress on the tennis club of the future, where we answer questions. Take the time – maybe together on the board – and watch it:

​We look forward to shaping the future together with you.

The tennis club of the future should continue to be a place for sporting challenges, socializing and personal development.

If you have any questions, suggestions or ideas, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Your opinions are important to us as we embark on this exciting journey together.

Sporty greetings

Christian and Nelson
and the whole team of TENNIS is us. Foundation

No 11 – Magnus Norman

Dear tennis friends,

we hope you are doing well! It’s #yellowfriday again and we are happy to inform you about another exciting news: Our partnership with one of the most respected tennis coaches in the world, Magnus Norman.

Stan Wawrinka’s coach is a true legend in the tennis world. He was an outstanding player who was ranked #2 in the world during his active career and won a total of 12 ATP tournaments. After his playing career, he invested his passion for the sport in his coaching work and has become one of the most sought-after coaches on the tour.

We are delighted to welcome Magnus as an ambassador and supporter of the TENNIS is us. Foundation. He shares our passion for tennis and our belief that our sport can truly transform the lives of young people, families and best agers.

In this interview with Matthias “Stachi” Stach, Magnus explains his journey and his work as a coach. Take the 25 minutes or so to get to know him better:

His vision is also reflected in his work at the Good to Great Tennis Academy in Sweden, which he runs together with Mikael Tillström and Nicklas Kulti.

Sporty greetings

Christian and Nelson
and the whole team of TENNIS is us. Foundation

No 10 – Gastronomy at the tennis club

Hallo liebe Tennisfreunde,​

heute präsentieren wir euch einen starken Partner für einen sehr wichtigen Bereich im Tennisclub der Zukunft: die Gastronomie!

Gemeinsam für eine zeitgemäße Gastronomie

Unzer, ein führender Payment-Service-Provider, und die TENNIS is us. Foundation haben sich zusammengeschlossen, um die Digitalisierung der Tennisclub-Gastronomie mit ihren Zahlungssystemen auf das nächste Level zu heben.

Kontaktlose Zahlung

Eine Innovation für die Club-Gastronomie ist die Einführung kontaktloser Zahlungsmöglichkeiten – bargeldlos, bequem und sicher. Vereine schaffen somit eine Win-win-Situation für Gäste und Betreiber.

Die Vorteile

  • Schnell und bequem
    Keine Wartezeiten an der Kasse. Einfach bestellen, QR-Code scannen und bezahlen.
  • Sicherheit und Hygiene
    Kontaktlose Zahlungen tragen zur Minimierung von physischen Kontakten bei und gewährleisten somit eine hygienische Umgebung in der Gastronomie.​
  • Bessere Servicequalität
    Die Gastronomie im Tennisclub kann sich ganz auf die Zubereitung von Speisen und Getränken sowie ihren Service konzentrieren, da administrative Abläufe optimiert werden

Im Video lernt ihr Pascal Beij, Chief Commercial Officer bei Unzer, und die Beweggründe für unsere Partnerschaft kennen:


Wir freuen uns auf die Zusammenarbeit und darauf, die Zahlungsmöglichkeiten in Clubs und Vereinen gemeinsam zu digitalisieren!

Sportliche Grüße

Christian und Nelson
und das ganze Team von TENNIS is us. Foundation

No 9 – Intersport Deutschland

Hello everyone,

we are happy to introduce you to another partner on this #yellowfriday:

Intersport Germany is on board with the TENNIS is us. Foundation!

Together we want to pursue our mission to promote tennis and make it accessible for everyone. We want to break down barriers and make tennis an inclusive and integrative sport for people of all ages and backgrounds. We strongly believe that tennis is not just a sport, but offers tremendous opportunities for personal growth, teamwork and social responsibility.

The partnership with Intersport – one of the leading sports retailers in Germany – opens up new opportunities for us to realize our shared vision.

In the video, Frank Geisler, COO of Intersport Germany, explains why we are such a good fit:

We look forward to working with you!

Sporty greetings

Christian and Nelson

and the whole team of TENNIS is us. Foundation