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Hello all,

with this every Friday “yellow input” we would like to keep you informed about Tennis is us. Foundation gGmbH and our concept of the tennis club of the future. In this first update, however, we would first like to introduce ourselves. What is Tennis is us. Foundation? What are our goals? Who do we want to address and why are we actually doing all this?

What is Tennis is us?
We are a non-profit limited liability company dedicated to the revitalization and growth of tennis/racket sports on a global scale. The Tennis is us. Foundation was founded by Tennis-Point, Babolat and Wilson. In the meantime, Intersport and Dunlop have joined.

With the DTB, we were able to welcome the first national tennis association as a cooperation partner. The ATP and the ITF have pledged their support as internationally active governing bodies.

As innovation partners we have TennisPeople, Wingfield, Waterdrop, The Inner Game, Unzer, Sport Ass, Trendsport Rummenigge, Posch Surfaces, Kurabu, Jalix Vereinsapp, Venue Manager, Major Lightning, eBusy, Vedning Sports, Hörmann, Eversports, Street Racket, TennisGate, Playparc and Powwow Tennis on board.

You can find out what the individual partners are contributing to the tennis club of the future on #yellowfriday under the corresponding heading.

What are our goals?
We have built our specific goals on four pillars to support our global movement #yellowmovement:

Pillar #1 deals with the easy access to tennis. We want to dispel once and for all the misconception that tennis is difficult to learn. There are various methods and training philosophies that have successfully disproved this misconception for decades. The first of these was the tennis book The Inner Game of Tennis, which Timothy Gallwey actually wrote back in 1974. The coaching method described in it has meanwhile made wide circles and has also been successfully applied in other sports and in the business sector. Especially in Germany the Fast Learning concept of TennisPeople is spreading more and more. The ITF has also provided important impulses with its Play & Stay approach, especially with regard to the use of balls with different degrees of hardness. We as the Tennis is us. Foundation want to change the philosophy and culture of coaching worldwide, so that everyone interested can learn the sport of tennis easily and from the beginning with a lot of fun.

Pillar #2 stands for the digitalization of tennis. It starts with controlling match operations and membership management via app. In the future, however, online booking systems will presumably be able to do even more, for example, to market the empty times of the courts without endangering the membership base. Is it also a dream of the future to control access to indoor and outdoor courts and clubrooms? No, because that already works today! Do we have the ability to digitally track whether a ball was “in” or “out”, even outside of professional sports? Can the score be counted? Yes, this also already works, right up to the transmission of point matches in a live stream. The tennis coach of the future can access video analysis with statistics and speed measurement. Does every tennis club need these digital features? Maybe not in the complete package, but Tennis is us. Foundation provides an overview and ensures that every club and association can select the right ones for them from a bouquet of possibilities.

We will present columns #3 and #4 on the next #yellowfriday.

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