No 3

Hello everyone,

After we informed you in the first two #yellowfriday newsletters about the Tennis is us. Foundation and its goals in the first two #yellowfriday newsletters (read more on the blog), we would like to ask for your help today! Our main focus right now is to recruit as many new members as possible for our global movement – and that’s where you come in!

Please share our call-to-action videos on your channels, referencing

Whether by mail, via Insta, Facebook, Twitter or in the WhatsApp group from the tennis club…

Just add a note that you only have to subscribe to the newsletter to be part of it – free of charge and without any obligation!

You’ll be doing us and our movement a huge favor.

Let’s grow #teamyellow!

See you next Friday!

Sporty greetings

Christian and Nelson
and the whole team of Tennis is us. Foundation