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the topic of sustainability is an important part of our yellow movement. That’s why we’re happy to introduce you to the innovative company Posch surfaces in this edition of #yellowfriday. Their commitment to environmentally friendly tennis courts and high-quality playing surfaces doesn’t just inspire us. Posch surfaces has made a name for itself as a pioneer in sustainable tennis court construction. With a deep understanding of the environment and the needs of tennis professionals and recreational players alike, the company strives to achieve great goals in quality, performance and sustainability. Here are a few facts:

Environmentally friendly materials
Posch surfaces relies on recyclable and environmentally friendly materials. For example, a floor covering made from recycled tennis balls was developed in collaboration with Tennis-Point.

Energy efficiency
When it comes to tennis court construction, energy efficiency is a key focus. The technicians at Posch surfaces work to develop innovative solutions that reduce energy consumption and minimize the carbon footprint.

Sustainability also means durability. The tennis court surfaces developed by Posch surfaces are designed to withstand the highest loads for years. This saves resources and prevents material waste.

Water management
Water is a precious commodity, especially in the maintenance of sports facilities. Posch surfaces tennis surface systems do not need to be watered, which saves a lot of water.

Take a look at the short video and meet the CEO Jean Pierre Polenz:

Posch surfaces shows us that sustainability and cutting-edge technology can definitely go hand in hand.

So we look forward to a promising future in which tennis courts not only offer first-class playing conditions, but also respect the environment.

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