No 6 – Trendsport Rummenigge

Hello everyone,

on this #yellowfriday we introduce another partner who builds innovative and modern sports facilities. Welcome on board, Trendsport Rummenigge!

We’re especially excited because this partnership plays a big role specifically in our Tennis Club of the Future project.
Managing Director Arnd Schade explains how this came about in the video:

The courts are a real innovation and absolute enrichment for your tennis facility!

Padel courts – the ideal link to the sport of tennis.
Padel is one of the fastest growing sports in the world. The game – simply put a mixture of tennis and squash – is suitable for all ages and all levels. With padel, you can get started right away, rallies occur immediately, and the learning curve and fun factor are correspondingly high. A padel court from Trendsport Rummenigge is a real added value for tennis clubs, opens up new target groups and ensures a more active club life.

Multicourt – one for all
The Multicourts from Trendsport Rummenigge are a revolution in sports design. These versatile playing surfaces offer space for up to eight sports, including TouchTennis, soccer, badminton, basketball, field hockey and many more. Multicourts adapt to the needs of players and are the ideal environment for teams, recreational athletes and active families. A multicourt is a real asset for all tennis clubs. Here, the youngest players gain their first experience with balls of all kinds, the courts are suitable for warm-up training and also offer adults plenty of variety in addition to tennis.

Our vision: Growing together.
With the construction of padel courts and multicourts, we are continuing our mission to inspire young children, young people, families and best agers to get involved in sports and exercise. The facilities will become places to meet and share, where friendships can be made, skills can be developed, and victories can be celebrated.

We believe that sport is a platform on which every individual can grow.
And we are proud to pursue this vision together with Trendsport Rummenigge and, of course, with you.

Sporty greetings

Christian and Nelson

and the whole team of TENNIS is us. Foundation