No 7 – Inner Game of Tennis

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welcome to this week’s #yellowfriday! Today we’re diving a bit into the captivating world of the “Inner Game of Tennis” with Sean Brawley.

Whether you’re a seasoned player or just picking up a racket, the approach is packed with insights that can change the way you think about the sport and maybe even life.

Sean Brawley is not only a former tennis pro and coach, but also a “transformational leader.” With his unique background in psychology and sports coaching, he has developed a holistic approach to tennis training that incorporates both the technical and mental dimensions. His methods are appreciated by players of all levels, from beginners to professionals, as they unlock new levels of performance and enjoyment on the tennis court.

In this interview with Stachi, Sean explains his approach. Take a moment to get a first impression of the Inner Game:

The Inner Game deals with the mental and emotional aspects of tennis. It’s about silencing the inner critic, focusing on the present moment, and allowing your body’s natural abilities to shine. Sean Brawley is a master at untangling these complicated layers and helping players unlock their true potential.

For us, this – among other concepts – plays an important role in pillar #1 of the TENNIS is us. Foundation: easy access to tennis.


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